Executive Packages

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Your corporate team is made up of many valued employees and executives. You work hard to keep your team energized and motivated throughout the day. A Registered Dietitian can teach your team how to eat properly to minimize drowsy, low blood sugar periods, and maintain consistant energy throughout the day.  Nutrition Assessment Clinic is a Service Provider for 4 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Companies. Call your EAP Toll Free Number and ask for assistance from a registered dietitian on site or to provide presentations.



  1. Lunch and Learn Presentations

    1. Weight Loss Strategies
    2. Healthy Diet to Prevent Heart Disease and Diabetes
    3. The Truth and Myths of Nutrition
    4. Nutrigenomix for your Employees
    5. Sports Performance for the Industrial Athlete (staff who work on their feet all day). Ideal for people who lift and carry weight or are in the military, police members of firefighting teams.
  2. Staff Screening

    Staff screening may include:
    1. Bioelectrical Impedance testing, Clinical Nutrition, Hydration Assessment, and a brief written interpretation.
      $45 per person
    2. Food Intake Records for Staff
      $45 per person
  3. Staff Counselling

    Appointments specifically with staff noted on the screening for individualized meal plans.
  4. Staff Medical Nutrition Counselling

    Appointments specifically for staff who are vegetarian, lactose or gluten sensitive, have diabetes, hypoglycaemia, need help with weight management, or who have a gastrointestinal problem.
  5. Travel Planning

    Planning for national and international travel.
  6. Staying Hydrated

    Planning for hydration if working in high temperature environments.