medical-practiceMedical Clinics Packages

Medical Clinics use the services of Registered Dietitians to manage the health of specific patient groups eg diabetes, hypertension, and weight loss. For patients who have insurance coverage, click here to get the insurance form.

Contact the Nutrition Assessment Clinic to discuss options for helping your patients with nutrition. Click here to print out a direct referral form. A RD can come to your office to counsel patients under your care and make recommendations, offer information on how to advise to patients, or nutrition counselling can be done by the RD for some of your patients.


Services may include:

  1. Patient Screening

    1. Bioelectrical Impedance Testing, Clinical Nutrition, and Hydration Assessment.
    2. Food Intake Records for Patients
    3. Nutrigenomix for Patients (Eat according to your genes)
  2. Client Database

    Establishing a database of specific clients.
  3. Diabetes Quarterly Testing

    Diabetes quarterly lab testing and review by a Registered Dietitian with an specialization in Diabetes Education.
  4. Online Assistance

    Online help for patients willing to use nutrition assessment services website.
  5. Workshops

    Workshops or presentations for patients.
  6. Office Packages

    Provide a complete computerized office package for nutrition assessment, counselling and follow-up for identified individuals or groups of patients at nutritional or health risk.
  7. Patient Progress Reports

    Reports from the RD on patient progress.