med 0001 sports-teamTeam Packages

Coaches work hard to see their athletes train effectively. Athletes can learn their nutritional demands from a Registered Dietitian. Nutritionassessment.com leads presentations and provides assessment of team members to help identify those with higher nutritional demands or who are overtraining.


  1. Nerves of Steel

    A group presentation including an introduction to sports nutrition with emphasis on training diets, hydration, sports supplements and completion diets.
    $200 per hour
  2. Athlete Screening

    1. Bioelectrical Impedance Clinical Nutrition and Hydration Assessment.
      $45 per person with a brief written interpretation.
    2. Food Intake Records for Athletes
      $45 per person
    3. Exercise Diary on Excel (adjustable date)
  3. Athlete Counselling

    Appointments specifically with athletes noted on the screening for individualized meal plans.
  4. Athlete Medical Nutrition Counselling

    Appointments specifically for athletes who are vegetarian, lactose or gluten sensitive, have diabetes, hypoglycaemia, needing a weight adjustment for the sport or who have a gastrointestinal problem.
  5. Menu Planning

    Menu planning for tournaments with multiple competitions and events.
  6. Travel Planning

    Planning for travel internationally and nationally.
  7. Team Hydration

    Planning for hydration for the team.
  8. Sport Specific Advice

    Sports specific information eg rowers, see the rowing sport page.