Every year clients ask me how can I keep reducing weight through the holidays.

My first response is ‘don’t try to lose weight at Christmas’.  Take the season as a time to eat food that you don’t normally eat to help replenish and restore nutrients in your body after working hard all fall. Queen’s University, Royal Military College and St. Lawrence College student who do not go home for Christmas and eat well will not recover from the work in the fall like other students will.

The goal would be to stabilize weight with a mix of good food and healthy exercise.So don’t eat every thing you see but make strategic choice to eat food you like and eat food that have high levels of nutrients.  For example; root vegetables are very festive and we take the time to prepare more of these foods on the holidays.  My family loves Harvard Beets and they love Butternut Squash roasted in the oven with Brown Sugar and butter.  Beets are filled with fibre and Magnesium and squash contain high levels of Vitamin A and so does the butter. Minced meat pie is loaded with fibre, iron and rich in mineral from concentrated fruit.