Dietician FAQ’s

Visits are up to an hour.  Some shorter, follow-up visits can be arranged if you require long term follow-up. Contact us about this.

The Assessment visit includes: getting to know your goals for fitness and nutrition, a test of nutritional status and hydration and then you record what you eat for 3 days, $96.

The second visit we give back your intake analysis and provide a meal plan if that is your goal, $96.

Follow-up appointments are $96 each to assess progress and problem solve.

Most people come in for 3-5 visits until they have made some changes and often come back after a year or so for a check-up or reach another goal.

You do not have to bring anything to your first appointment. Try to come to your appointments well hydrated and with a meal in the last 2-3 hours.

The Nutrition Assessment Clinic is a scent-free environment.

You may wish to check your Student Health or Employee Benefits or EAP Plan to see if you have insurance for the services of a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. We take payments with cash, bank email transfer, VISA or MC.

The registered Dietitians at Nutrition Assessment Clinic are regulated under the College of Dietitians of Ontario. See our Privacy Policy.

We have clients waiting to be seen by a Registered Dietitian and fill a missed appointment. The Clinic has a policy to charge a $60 fee for missed appointments if we are not notified 48 hours before your appointment time. We do not charge a fee if we can call someone in to replace your visit.

Yes, we do consultations on Skype.  We usually recommend at least the first visit onsite.  Sometimes we book a double visit for you onsite and then do the rest of the treatment over Skype.  Contact us about this.

It is no wonder this is confusing to the public.  All Registered Dietitians are regulated under the College of Dietitians of Ontario similar to the College of Nursing, College of Physicians and Surgeons and the College of Physiotherapy.  The Regulated Health Professions Act allows legitimate health practice in Ontario with protection for the public.  They must register every year with their College and adhere to regulations related to evidence based practice and privacy rules related to your health record.  Some insurance companies will only pay for Registered Dietitians and not Nutritionists.

Every Dietitian is a nutritionist.  The term nutritionist is not regulated in Ontario except in the case of Public Health Nutritionists who work in Health Units and are Registered Dietitians.  Some hospital Dietitians are called Clinic Nutritionists but are also College certified Registered Dietitians.  In the community the term ‘nutritionist’ is not regulated and you may find at least 6 different types of credentials when looking for a nutritionist.  Ask a Registered Dietitian first.    Consumers can check for a regulated profession before booking appointments. See the Dietitians of Canada website to Find a Dietitian.