Recently I provided a nutrition assessment for a mother of a young child.  The two-year-old liked apples and ate 1/2 an apple every day.  I asked the Mom if she had a source of Vitamin C in her child’s diet and she insisted that the apples had Vitamin C in them.

Was she right?

Vitamin C needs (DRI) are 15 mg per day in a 2-year-olds and go up to 90 mg per day in an adult male.

A whole Macintosh Apple in Canada has 6.3 mg of Vitamin C.

This is why local fruit juices in Canada are fortified with Vitamin C.

If you are not willing to use juice in your child’s diet or your diet then you should take an orange a day. For all families adults and children, I recommend 4-8 ounces of orange juice per day which will provide Vitamin C, folic acid and potassium. Orange juice is also the most tummy friendly juice being low in fructose compared to other juices.