These days I see everyone seems to be identifying themselves with a Nutrition or Food Identity (food identity). I recently assessed a young man for an already healthy diet he was his ideal weight and exercised regularly but he wanted to eat even more healthy. Great to hear. More brightly coloured fruit and veggies etc would help. Food ideas to prevent cancer would be great. There are many options. He pulled a bottle of green water out of his bag. Is this what he is looking for………………….? A green liquid so people can identify him as ‘the green liquid guy’. My client this week with IBS has a true food identity. He is on the FODMAP diet so when he is at a party with friends they can identify with this. However he said he would b happy to give away this food identity to be well again. Most men identify with eating meat as their MO in a group. Others have a favourite smoothie as part of their ID. What is your food ID…………………………? Go to #myfoodID on Twitter and let us know.