Last week a client said to me that she is conscious of the “quality of what she puts in her Shopping Cart in the grocery store”.  That was the first time I had heard anyone express a measure of quality in relation to your shopping cart nutrition.  This really is a genuine self-assessment of how we judge ourselves in relation to purchases and health.  We could not judge this if we did not know what to compare it to.

Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating is a great place to start the comparison

For example.

  • Does my cart have at least to ‘meat and alternate’ food groups?
  • Does my cart contain healthy whole grain bread or pasta or enriched flour products or breakfast cereals?
  • Do I have 2 kinds of dairy in my cart (meat and cheese)?
  • Do I have enough servings of fruit for everyone in my house for 5 days at 3 servings each?
  • What kind of healthy snacks to I have for the coming week?

Would you give yourself a good rating this week?

Is there a healthy choice for oil in the cart (canola oil, olive oil, avocado?

Give this some thought and enjoy your shopping.