I recently flew from Vancouver to Toronto on Air Canada.  The flight was great but I had delayed travel and had to stay overnight at an Airport Hotel.  If I did not have Susie’s amazing brown bag lunch, the 30-hour ordeal would have been different.  I also ended up with a Via Rail train ride home for 2.5 hours from Toronto because the planes were not flying due to weather.  The great snacks kept me happy and cheerier with each delay and postponement.  I arrive back home on time to head for my office to work in good shape with a few snack items still in my bag.

Susie’s Travel Snacks:

Melba toast, sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, sliced sweet peppers, 2 mandarins, a banana, peanut butter and jam sandwich, Baby Bel Cheese, Juicy Fruit gum, Fibre 1 bar, tea bag, nuts,  raisins and Dasani water.

You can always get hot water on a plane to make your own tea or take a Starbuck’s sachet of Blonde Roast to keep your caffeine intake up.